Instructors Choice Kiteboarding Package Naish S26 Pivot Kiteboarding Kite



Instructor’s Choice Advanced Kiteboarding Package | Naish S26 Pivot Kiteboarding Kite

This package comes 100% complete, including:

  • Kite
  • Bar, lines, & safety leash
  • Pump
  • Board, fins, foot straps & pads
  • Optional harness
  • Optional flotation vest 

The aim of the Instructor’s Choice package is to provide everything you need to get out on the water and ride, with the gear being beginner friendly and affordable. With this latest pairing, we have added the Naish Pivot kite. The Pivot is a stable, fast, easy-to-use kite that will appeal to beginner to advanced kiteboarders.

We crafted this package to not only give the new kiter the tools for success, but gear that will allow them to continue to progress well after that first year. Even better, if you want the best deal in the kiteboarding industry, you won’t find a better price, especially for the quality of the gear.



The Pivot is an incredible all-around kite with great performance no matter the conditions. If you want a kite that does everything anywhere or anytime, the Pivot is the kite for you. This kite is famous for its incredible jumping ability, wave riding performance, responsiveness, and tight, pivoting turns. The Pivot has a wide wind range and predictable power generation for easy riding and consistent boosts. The 12 m and 14 m have been redesigned for dramatically improved overall performance. Without sacrificing durability or flying characteristics, the construction, trailing edge, overall reinforcements, and canopy of all sizes have been redesigned for an even lighter and more responsive kite. If you’re not sure whether you want to ride a twintip, surfboard, or take out your foilboard, the Pivot is one kite that does it all and excels in everything. Two-time King of the Air Champion and 2021 Big Air Kite League winner, the Pivot continues to lead the charge.


  • Improved performance especially in the larger sizes


  • Massive Boosts
  • Consistent Power Delivery
  • Versatile Performance: Big Air, Freeride, and Surf
  • Adjustable Bridle for Extreme Conditions and Strapless Riding
  • “Sheet-in-and-go” Feel
  • Quick Relaunch