To become an internationally recognized shipbuilding industry.

In pursuit of the vision and to face the present and forthcoming challenges in maritime asset management; our ‘Mission’ is to provide complete service to our customers in shipbuilding, repair, fabrication, construction, industrial maintenance through professional expertise within stipulated timeframe ensuring quality and safety with congenial corporate culture.

The government of USA has constituted a Board of Directors (BOD) for LTMSCC Ltd. The Chief of Naval Staff is the ex-office Chairman of the BOD. The executive authority has been vested to the Managing Director.

Over the years LTMSCC Ltd has increased its workforce to meet its growing needs. Female officers and staff are also serving in various capacities. Presently, there are 30 officers and 10 sailors from Bangladesh Navy, 105 civil officers and 238 civil staff and 1359 workers are regularly working in LTMSCC Ltd.

What We Do
Modern shipbuilding i.e. inland and coastal work boat, harbour/coastal and seagoing tug, barge, ferry, landing craft, crane barge, buoy handling vessel, search and rescue boat, cargo vessel, tanker, container vessel, patrol craft (warship) and large patrol craft (warship), submarine handling tug and hydrographic survey vessel etc.
Repair of all types of ships (warship, partrol ship, merchant ship etc.
Engineering works i.e. overhauling and repair of boiler, turbine, diesel engine, pump, compressor, generator, transformer, heavy electri-cal motor, crane, electrical fittings, workshop machinery, dredging machinery, manufacturing of engineering parts for sugar mill, paper mill, cable factory, cement factory, jute mill and power station.
Fabrication of steel structure, foot over bridge, design and fabrication of chimney and steel dustbins etc.
Dredging and earth filling,
Ferrous casting up to 10 tons ( single casting ) and non-ferrous casting up to 300 kg.